Wellhead & Valves Maintenance

We supply a full suite of specialist wellhead and valve maintenance equipment. Central to the range are its custom-designed “flush and grease” pumps that Manafid uses to service production and wellhead valves.  With an operating capacity of up to 15,000 psi and the ability to carry out pressure tests, these pumps perform safely and reliably in the harshest environments.  In terms of safety and impact on the environment, they are a dramatic improvement over the traditional grease pumps.

Our highly competent wellhead maintenance engineers, will maintain, service and repair all valves, and wellhead equipment originally supplied by the OEM’s.

Our capabilities include:

  1. Supply high quality of grease J” Stick Lubricant & Sealant
  2. Wellhead Maintenance, Inspection and Testing
  3. Annular valve changes and BPV setting
  4. Annular Safety Valves
  5. Valve service equipment manufacture & consumables